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Feel the real taste of farmers products, grown with love and care to the nature and people. Freshmix is a leading store offering people eco-friendly products.

At Freshmix we consider ourselves a part of big community valuing ecology and organic food. We know that our reputation is built on customer’s opinion, and when we sell our goods we are confident that we provide only fresh eco-friendly products. We cooperate with farms, private entrepreneurs, which grow vegetables without any pesticides or harmful substance.

All the items showcased on our website meet ISO standards and have other certificates. Freshmix’s story was established in 2005 by two bothers, who wanted to provide clients with the most fresh and at the same time totally organic products. John and Ted Smith were farmers, so they knew how to grow plants with love and care to the nature. After Freshmix started the first sales, it gained a reputation of qualitative store with affordable prices and fresh products.

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Free Shipping

we work with proven designers and manufacturers, that’s why we can guarantee 100% quality of all items.

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24/7 Support

we ship all over USA as well as overseas. It takes 3-5 business days for package to be delivered within US.

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Payment Process

we offer affordable prices and regularly announce sales on last season’s items.


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The Founder

I’m happy to work on the farm and to grow up various vegetables and fruits for our clients and their families. I personally find farmers who we deal with, to be sure all products will be high quality and without any chemicals. I stand for ecology and call for it!

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